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Digital transformation drives the modern Insurance industry, using the potential of new technologies and creating innovative, cutting-edge capabilities. Business models become agile and flexible, operational processes become swift, optimized, time, and cost-saving, data becomes organized and accessible. 

We make sure that cloud and connectivity solutions, along with management optimization, area transformative force driving modern Insurance industry, introducing its innovative capabilities to the market.

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Documents Flow Applications

Well-organized and fully digitized documents flow is a remarkable tool for the Insurance business. Speeding up document processing is one of the great values of Documents Flow Applications. Instead of manual document managing and processing, which requires paper forms, the application manages inserted data, converts the document file into a specific form, and distributes it according to the flow settings. Automated flow reduces the time needed for completing the process. Hence, it also speeds up the communication within the organization or with a client, decreasing the number of errors within the flow.

Insurance products Sales Platforms

One of our flag solutions for the Insurance industry is Products Sales Platform. We develop comprehensive tools tailored to your needs that simplifies sales of insurance products. Within one platform, you can manage sales in multiple channels, as the modules are easily integrated while maintaining high accessibility and easy processing client acquisition. All clients’ data are well-secured, so the whole end-to-end sales process can be processed online.

Communication Platforms for Brokers and Underwriters

Good internal communication flow enhances the efficiency of sales, speeding up the process, and simplifying its management. Our automated platforms provide a space for easy collaboration between brokers and underwriters. Optimizing the performance and speed of back-office workflows with a set of reminders and notifications integrated with calendars, the tools reduce the time needed to collect all statistics and information necessary to proceed with the sales process. Communication platforms can be also used as knowledge and file repository, eliminating redundant tasks such as external information research, enhancing the speed of the sale cycle.

Cloud Reporting Data Repositories

Effective managing an increasing number of data poses a challenge, especially when it comes to sensitive data required in the insurance industry. Cloud Reporting Data Repositories enable keeping data in an isolated environment and ensure high-level protection. The data are easy to manage, due to advanced segmentation, and organized to be analyzed and mined for deep insights and reporting preparation. The segmentation also provides a space for forecasting future patterns and opportunities, using predictive analysis on archived data volumes.

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