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Time is the main factor that impacts any action in the healthcare industry. Saving time means saving people’s health and life. This is why process optimization is essential for healthcare facilities and should cover all the core areas of their activity.

Whether it’s a learning process, staff management, appointments reservation, or just organizing medical records in a clarified way, it should be time-effective and efficient. The reason is simple. Saving time in operational tasks allows focusing on the essence of healthcare – on improving patient’s wellbeing. As we understand it well, the solutions we create for the healthcare industry concentrate on improving operational processes, management and enable accurate predictions for future demands.

Industry Verticals

Swift and efficient healthcare service

Online Learning Platforms

Raising and verifying qualifications of the medical staff can be easier than you think, thanks to learning platforms. This cost and time-saving solution allow employees to attend specialized courses online. After finishing the course, the participant can take the theoretical test online as well, which reduces the number of necessary meetings only to practice exams. The exam results are always available for checking and are easy to compare.

Staff Management Optimilization Tools for Healthcare Facilities

Efficient health service requires agile and highly operational staff. We help you to avoid the situation of being short-staffed, using prediction analytics responsible for forecasting the most optimal use of human resources, for instance the number of physicians in clinics. This will support you in optimized staff management and let you be prepared, and act before the actual need occurs.

Appointments Applications

In the era of digitalization, patients can leave behind paper forms, wasting time to call the admission room or the necessity of making the appointment in person. Appointment applications enable fast registering in clinics, saving time, and not infrequently, nerves, reducing paper use, and shifting the appointment to another available specialist if needed. Saving time is a big added value for the clinics, which can manage their resources more efficiently, and what’s more important, for the patients, who appreciate agile and client-oriented service.

Medical Records Management Tools

With thousands of patients and all their medical records, efficient management is a necessity. High connectivity management solutions allow tracking medical history of the patient’s condition, including all types of medical examination, within one profile, which can be shared between many different facilities and systems. It ensures high accessibility, regardless of the location of a patient or facility, creates a complete timeline of medical treatment and simplifies the general operational side for different facilities.

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