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“In Codibly, we have found a genuine partner which has invested time really understanding our business; challenges our thinking and goes the extra mile to ensure our development goals are met.”



Smith + Henderson helps companies maximize employee engagement, remove barriers to high performance and become better places to work, turning insight into positive change that leads to measurable improvements in business performance. Their clients include iconic brands such as McDonald’s, O2 and Stanley Black & Decker.


Fast-growing HR consultancy Smith+Henderson owns a platform for building customized engagement surveys that help companies recognize their strengths, identify areas for improvement and engage their people.

The consultancy has recently experienced rapid business growth, which meant the amount of client data they held was expanding rapidly. The size of the surveys and the amount of data involved turned out to be too complex for the system to process. Smith + Henderson found their platform solution was struggling to process surveys, running calculations very slowly and crashing frequently.

Codibly was brought in to resolve the technical data challenge this posed for their platform.


Our goal was to rewrite the legacy code and optimize the developed solution to make it faster and much more scalable. The biggest challenge was refactoring the platform processing engine that provided reports and analysis for Smith + Henderson’s clients. Operating these reports had become very time consuming and frustrating for the end users.

We approached the task by performing the following actions:

  • Code review, AWS scoping
  • Code Refactoring
  • Finish refactoring and setting up AWS
  • Performance optimization


Improving Smith + Henderson’s reporting tool performance turned out to be quite a challenge. At the start of our assignment, the system had serious problems with responsiveness and data processing. We focused our efforts on accelerating core areas of the application with the result that the application’s performance was significantly improved. This gave a better experience to the end user and increased satisfaction for Smith + Henderson’s valuable client base.


Application Page Loading time MySQL queries amount MySQL queries processing time
/overview 115,89 ms(was 8,64 s) 12(was 2567) 8,3 ms(was 5,66 s)
/strenghts 600 ms(was 7,05 s) 215(was 591) 141 ms(was 4,87 s)
/insight-questions 330 ms(was 1,97 s) 82(was 2113) 43ms(was 857 ms)
/comment-questions/57 160 ms(was 2,04 s) 27(was 2036) 22ms(was 860 ms)
/reports 2,05 s(was 2,98 s) 1279(was 3187) 418ms(was 1,13 s)