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PA Consulting Group – ReliabilityOne automation

“Codibly has fulfilled the task of automating the deployment process with professionalism and confidence. Their expert insight and technical knowledge allowed our platform to work much more efficiently and support the growing customer base with ease.”



PA group is helping out numerous of utilities that are responsible for delivering a reliable network that underpins almost every aspect of our lives. For PA Consulting clients there is a very important use case – which is deciding on future reliability improvement investments, where large utilities are spending really big money on operating and capital expenditure every year on their networks.

So far lots of investment portfolio decisions are based on gut feeling – and PA Group have built an analytical platform has been tested with a total of 40 years of outages from multiple utilities, that can be configured for different utility data – in order to figure out what’s good / what’s wrong for them in order to be much more efficient with network reliability.


Current solution that was built limits capacity to help Energy customers limiting them to around 10 utility clients a year due to lack of process automation. Each utility client requires manually writing scripts to analyze, normalize data, combine it from different data sources, merge them together, enrich them and prepare in a meaningful way to present your clients – to help them make up the business decision based on the output you are preparing.

The challenge is to automate most of the processes and transform existing individual tools to a platform in which users can upload data and system will produce normalized, meaningful data in forms of data file and charts that will be ready to present to the client.


Codibly offered a solution of automated SAAS platform which purpose is to make the manual work obsolete. Using the newly created platform, PA administrator can easily manage different versions of the application, create files format for each client and deploy the application from the admin panel. Additionally, clients can now upload a proper data file and based on this file – the platform will generate a new instance of dashboard application and make it available for the client.

Technologies we used:

JavaScript | PHP | MySQL | MongoDB | ELK Stack | Redis | Nginx | AWS