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Portfoliostrat – analysis platform for investment professionals


“The team I work with has a wide range of knowledge of technologies and is very flexible and responsive to changing specifications or issues.”

MARY WILLIAMSON – CTO & Co-founder @Portfoliostrat


Portfoliostrat’s sophisticated analytics platform gives investment professionals everything they need to succeed. The platform we created introduces the very latest in technology to investment activities.


New York-based Portfoliostrat asked us to create a highly advanced platform that introduced statistical analysis and complex machine learning algorithms into the investment process.

What we did

We developed pattern recognition, trending analysis, clustering, and classification to help investors spot market opportunities.

On top of these advanced analysis functions, our solution offered investors a workflow tool for their daily activities, so they could set up alerts and manage their portfolio via the platform.

The idea was to offer traders and other investment professionals a suite of analysis tools that were significantly more sophisticated than the ones they were currently using.


Features such as alerts ensured investment professionals could catch every market opportunity. The Portfoliostrat cloud platform aims to revolutionize the investment process to make it more disciplined, consistent, and enable better decision-making.