PA Consulting Group – Benchmark Innovation Tool

Codibly / PA Consulting Group – Benchmark Innovation Tool

PA Consulting Group – Benchmark Innovation Tool


“Codibly’s technical skill, flexible approach and rapid response were critical to the success of our project.”



PA is a consulting, technology and innovation firm that defines success as achieving exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses, communities, and individuals worldwide.


PA Consulting Group wanted to help clients see how their approach to innovation compared to other companies in their industry. They decided to commission a custom benchmarking tool that would help executives see how they were performing.

What we did

Our task was to create an insightful statistical tool that would display results based on top executive data about their approaches and attitudes to innovation.


We created an easy-to-use interactive survey that compares individual responses with aggregated data of the highest performing executives.

The benchmarking tool was a significant asset for PA and a valuable asset for bringing in leads for their business. It continues to act as a useful discussion point for the company an excellent way for PA to interact with senior executives on innovation, bringing traffic into the website and enhancing engagement with their brand.