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KiWi Power – Innovative energy technology

“Codibly has been a vital partner in our development and I have been impressed with their professionalism, flexibility and understanding of our key needs.”



KiWi Power focuses on helping businesses understand and optimize their energy demands. Demand response enables KiWi clients to change the power consumption of an electric utility to better match the demand for power with the supply. This saves them money and it helps balance the load on the national grid.



With KiWi Power we have designed a project to deliver an innovative and affordable building control system allowing small to medium-sized businesses to participate in peer-to-peer energy sharing. This project will enable smaller businesses to work together to control and automate energy production and consumption while participating in a localized energy market. This opens up new sectors of the economy to participate in demand response and time of use electricity pricing programs. We built technology that enabled more businesses to participate in KiWi Power’s demand response scheme and earn money by selling energy back to the grid. Schemes like this reduce pressure on the nation’s energy grid and lessen the need to buy power from overseas or build additional domestic capacity.



Web-based applications for smart home control system – applications that provide real-time, minute-by-minute monitoring of on-site energy assets. Through the app interface, clients can access:

  • Live to monitor and report on kilowatt consumption
  • Active time-of-use management and communications o Comparative data of historical consumption of each meter o Real-time calculation of revenues generated o Live tracking and reporting of demand and frequency events

Software for the device to be installed in the house

(PIP – Power Information Pod) that consisted of the following:

  • Cellular modem with a connector (no hardwiring on-site is required)
  • ZigBee module for mesh network deployments
  • Second by second asset monitoring required o Implementation of TCP server to communicate with Cloud for setting up configuration remotely and send responses from local PIPs.

Mobile application

Is used to send electricity consumption statistics from the user’s apartment – it will inform the user about peaks – and if the user will decrease energy consumption – he will receive compensation in the form of cash.


Our solution gave companies the visibility of their energy consumption data. With access to this information, KiWi Power’s clients were able to better understand and control their use of electricity. Some businesses chose to charge their fleet of electric cars at the cheapest time of day, or heat their water at the most cost-efficient times.

The project required us to design new metering solutions and tackle demand response back-end process flow challenges. We created the ability to control a building’s light and heat remotely via the mobile app. We also developed a notifications feature that sent personalized automated updates to each client participating in energy sharing.

PHP | Yii Framework | MySQL | MongoDB | Java | Spring Framework | C | C++ | Python | R | RabbitMQ | Apache | Tomcat

Some companies we have been collaborating with while working with KiWi Power:


Although the company was only founded in 2009, our input helped them re-organize the UK’s energy landscape and be recognized as a leader in energy innovation. Our main task was to help reduce electricity consumption during peak hours when there is the highest energy consumption in the UK. The technology we’ve developed is used to remotely control electrical devices in the home (light/heat, etc.) – also to gather information about peaks, energy consumption – enables users to optimize it and give the opportunity to earn money.

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