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AZIMO LTD. – Refunds automation


Azimo approached us for help automating the refunds process for international money transfers. They wanted to avoid having to refund each mistaken transfer manually, and instead, find a way to get it done faster.

What we did

At the start of the project, Azimo’s employees needed to manually process each refund by typing out the relevant account details and waiting for a bank confirmation code to arrive for each individual transaction. It was a slow and tedious process that consumed a lot of administrative time.
Our solution was to create a wrapper for the Java application that was responsible for communicating with the bank services (EBICS). This enabled users to upload refunds as an Excel file, then identify and action the ones that needed refunding. To do this we used PHP 7.1, Symfony 3, MySQL, and Docker technologies.


The business process software we created helped Azimo speed up the refunds process, reducing the number of time employees needed to spend handling each transaction. Our solution meant that refunds could be handled in bulk, without having to manually process each one. This was a significant time saving and meant Azimo reduced administrative costs for their transfer service.