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08/2017 – ONGOING

About WorkBuzz

WorkBuzz is an employee engagement platform, headquartered in the UK. It helps businesses engage their employees and improve their cultural baseline with feedback programs based on a WorkBuzz feedback platform. WorkBuzz provides services and specialized a tool for effective employees’ feedback management, allowing companies strong engagement and transparency.

Business needs

  • Building a scalable, easy to operate tool to collect employees feedback in real-time

  • Curtailing the time needed to analyze survey data

  • Proprietary algorithms to help clients pinpoint where

  • Benchmarking employees engagement against similar organizations solution


The Codibly role in the project was defining product vision and roadmap and delivering complete web application, as well as monitoring and ongoing support for the platform.

WorkBuzz is an employee feedback platform for measuring employees’ engagement and satisfaction from their work. The tool uses a customized set of surveys to provide deep insight into employees’ opinions.

Main features:

  • Platform analytics pinpoint factors responsible for driving employees’ engagement within minutes of closing the survey. That means almost instant feedback reports with in-depth analysis, available in Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint format

  • Automatic surveys that can be fully customized and enable advanced result segmentation, using demographic, seniority, location, and more

  • System of separate personal feedback dashboards with a view to managers that allows them to create great work environments and become better leaders

  • Benchmark tool that enables comparing the progress both within the organization and externally


“In Codibly, we have found a genuine partner which has invested time really understanding our business, challenges our thinking and goes the extra mile to ensure our development goals are met.”

Steven Frost

CEO of WorkBuzz


SaaS platform allows rapid growth of client number
Eliminating manual work by implementing automated processes
Expanding the business on a global scale with the tool that can be easily modified and adjusted to the clients’ needs
Clients response dashboard renders any datasets and charts in less than 2 seconds
Personalized dashboards for even 4 000 managers within one organization
Advanced analysis for client survey responses using statistics tools

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