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05/2018 – ONGOING

About Solar Generation Company

The Solar Generation Company (or SolGen Inc.) was founded in 2016 in California, USA, as a combination of innovative business concepts and an ambitious-technological proposition. The immediate goal is to collect solar energy in locations that offer plenty of it and distribute it affordably in places that have limited solar potential. The overall operation encompasses both the solar hardware installations and a blockchain-based trading platform.

Business needs

  • Building a fully functional representation for Smart Energy Market Platform Proof of Concept

  • Finding a long-term technological partner capable of supporting development of the platform and other products

  • Further platform development


The role of Codibly was to create a complete platform capable of processing raw telemetric data and delivering it to homeowners in a form of insightful dashboards with a transaction system, based on blockchain hyper-ledger integrated with the core of the platform.

Solution delivered by Codibly, the SolGen Platform, with its multiple applications, is a complex IoT solution for solar energy management on a global scale.

The main platform’s objective is to enable efficient energy transfer between US-based prosumers (energy producers) and EU-based subscribers (energy consumers), like homeowners.

The core components are:

  • Workflow that allows transforming energy generated in California PV devices into a commodity and transferring it to the Nordics-based subscribers. This solution includes blockchain hyper-ledger integration responsible for trading the energy between all interested entities in the US and EU. Trading is possible due to the Central Bank that enables exchanging commodities for generated solar energy and placing bulk orders (groups of consumers) to reduce the costs of single ones. After selling the energy to the grid, prosumer gets eBOLTs – the commodity and places the offer within the platform. Subscribers can purchase it directly from the prosumers or in the Central Bank (bulk orders) and exchange it for a needed amount of clean energy

  • Cutting-edge dashboards for homeowners, super admins, and business owners in which they are able to see the current status of their systems, control its behavior and check statistics

  • Sales application – a sizing tool that uses sales techniques to generate leads among the people interested in using the platform. A prospect can describe via Central Bank website what type of system is needed, indicating the specific number of solar panels, batteries, etc. This information is saved in Salesforce so the sales team could make contact and place the offer


“Codibly has become strategic and embedded partner of SolGen with holistic view not only on the technology, but the whole business thanks to their industry insights and knowledge.”

Alexander Mathiesen-Ohman

CEO of Solar Generation


Validated PoC for Smart Energy Market Platform with solid and fully functional software
A platform that can be extended to the worldwide scale
Collected data will provide a wide overview and a good base for the machine learning models

Green impact

Creating a global super-grid that enables more efficient usage of sustainable energy on a global scale and connects many entities within a reliable and sustainable energy system

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