Nordex - Control Center Application for overall wind turbines management


Industry Vertical

Renewables, Wind, Operations Management Platforms


April 2018 – February 2019

Business Overview

Control Center is a cloud-based Industrial IoT solution for wind turbines management prepared for Nordex, Germany based, industry-leading wind turbine manufacturer which offers customized service for all wind turbines on a worldwide scale.

A cutting-edge specialized software solution enables Nordex to monitor, manage, analyze, plan and predict every aspect of wind farm portfolio and asset management within one tool.


Codibly developed a comprehensive and effective cloud solution based on solid microservices architecture, multiple dashboards for wind turbine asset management, ticket handling system and SAP notifications integration.

The CCA uses the following data sets: grid curtailment, unplanned downtime, and dynamic power prices to manage wind turbines in real-time in the most efficient way. User-friendly dashboards enable prompt identification of potential faults at an early stage and avoid expensive failures, reduce wear on components and lost production with digital condition monitoring based on data and machine learning

Our solution provides both, a significant increase in wind farms management overall efficiency, as well as a substantial decrease in reaction and troubleshooting times.


  • Linking many distributed applications monitoring the condition of the wind farms and wind turbines into one management system

  • Improving the speed of error tracking and fixing processes by replacing outdated service system with new one handling turbines faults report

  • Designing efficient system solution, fully integrated with new IoT standards and features


  • Workshops, Roadmap, Project Set-Up, Architecture concept

  • UX prototype and wireframes

  • Microservices Architecture and Alarm Management Dashboard

  • Alarm/Task Details Dashboard, Knowledge Management Dashboard

  • Technical Dashboard, Automated Actions

  • Tickets Handling, SAP notifications

  • Stabilization Phase


To manage the given challenges, we’ve built a Control Centre – operational management platform for wind turbine farms. The tool replaced many distributed applications with one – enabling to monitor thousands of wind turbines in real-time and managing them more efficiently.

The new service system has been equipped with multiple synchronized dashboards providing the clarity of all crucial information about turbine status and asset reports.

Instead of the old, inefficient system, we’ve prepared a cloud solution software based on the Cumulocity IoT platform providing better performance and simplicity of usage.

Technologies used:


JavaScript, Typescript, Angular 5 & 6, C3.js, Storybook, WebSockets


JJava 8, Spring Boot, Rest

Other tools used in the project:

Docker, Kubernetes, Cumulocity, SoftwareAG Apama


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