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Renewables, Demand Response, Distributed Energy Resource Management,  Energy Storage


2012 – 2016

About Kiwi Power

Kiwi Power is a leading energy technology company headquartered in London. The company focuses on deploying a unique combination of technology and expertise to unlock distributed energy resource (DER) value and serve sustainable energy needs. The company’s vision is to simplify distributed energy for global sustainability impact.

Kiwi Power’s distributed energy platform manages over 1 GW of DERs in over 10 countries, and has been developed with the expertise gained over 10 years of operating and optimizing DERs in some of the world’s most advanced flexibility markets.

Kiwi Power’s needs

  • Aggregating shared individual power reserves within the Demand Response program

  • Easy integration of the DR program and the individual energy systems

  • Performing accurate DR events based on the real-time interaction with site appliances

  • Scrutinous calculation of the energy amounts provided to the grid – lowering consumption by supplying the exactly needed batch


Thanks to Codibly’s detailed understanding of the technical requirements, the finished product has shown reliable functionality. The team’s scalability, competitive price point, and responsive communication cultivated an efficient partnership.

Yoav Zingher

CEO & Founder of Kiwi Power


The KOMP platform facilitates end-to-end operational management of energy consumption within DR programs, that involves national grids and individual energy systems. This comprehensive platform is responsible for managing every single stage of a connected energy consumption cycle.

The most basic platform objectives are collecting smart meter data automatically in a second-by-second resolution, as well as dispatching both types of demand events – grid demands and individual system demands. The site owners can use the support of the notification system, that speeds up the decision-making process of participating, or declining participation in particular events in real-time. Participation is also managed with availability controlling system based on an easily integrated calendar. All types of events can be controlled and processed 24/7.

The collected data is stored in the time-series database, which analyzes the accuracy of the previous calculations for the DR energy exchange between the grid and the individual supplier. After results validation, the application optimizes calculations for the next energy dispatch to deliver a more accurate energy batch for a current need and generates reports that are sent afterward to the national grid for invoicing purposes.

Also, a part of the platform is responsible for triggering events automatically on-site, according to the current demand status, for instance, it turns on/off power generators, HVAC appliances, lights, etc. To simplify integration between the platform and the individual energy systems, we created a set of adapters, that implement custom business logic for integration with the specific Utility APIs.

Technologies used:


HTML 5/CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap


C/C++/Bash/Sockets, Java 8, Spring Boot, Microservices, Eureka, PHP, Yii, Websockets, MySQL/MongoDB/Redshift/InfluxDB, Ansible/Chef

Other tools used in the project:

Email scraping, Twilio SMS Gate, Integration with the National Grid API, Integration with the EWZ API, Integration with the Engie API


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