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January 2012 – December 2016

Business Overview

Client Portal is an application designed to simplify the management of energy generation and consumption for the end-user. The application has been designed for Kiwi Power, UK’s leading demand response aggregator offering various grid balancing services.

This high-performance solution gives users access to all necessary features used in Demand Response, energy efficiency and monitoring programs, such as real-time and historical metering data, billing reports, interactive availability calendar, and many others.


Codibly has delivered complete, easy to manage and highly secured Customer Portal.

The high-quality layout has been adapted to both desktop and mobile devices and enables visualization of a large number of energy production and usage data.

A smart notification module provides a quick update system about the client’s account and enables a swift user’s reaction if needed.

Codibly developed a fully operational product, prepared to further adjustments to the Client’s needs.


  • Preparing dashboards delivering in real-time detailed information about:

    • upcoming events,
    • monitoring energy generation and consumption,
    • history of energy generation/consumption measurement,
    • earnings and invoicing,
    • correlation with weather forecasting;

  • Creating a simple, user-friendly platform which doesn’t require a domain or technical knowledge to be operated
  • Engaging Kiwi Power customers in process of Demand Response management using availability calendars and smart notifications


Thanks to Codibly’s detailed understanding of the technical requirements, the finished product has shown reliable functionality. The team’s scalability, competitive price point, and responsive communication cultivated an efficient partnership.

Yoav Zingher

CEO & Founder of Kiwi Power


After research with focus groups and interviews with end-users / clients, we have determined requirements for the best features of user experience design (UX) for the prepared solution – Customer Portal. Large amounts of the data collected and processed with the platform had to be displayed in real-time. The result of the research was clean and very intuitive design verified and confirmed by experienced UX specialists. Using WebSocket connection enabled displaying large amounts of data aggregated in the platform and keeping high-quality visualization.

Our solution has been prepared as a white-label product ready to be rebranded and adjusted to Kiwi Power needs. Having in mind users’ comfort and current trends, the design has been adapted to mobile, as well as to desktop devices, to be completely functional on both types.

The final part of the project was platform feedback system that would engage Kiwi Power customers in the Demand Response management process. In order to do so, we have prepared a smart notification system using calls, text and e-mail messages to simplify the reception. The platform sends notifications that inform about:

  • threshold alarms when the assets will pass mutually agreed on safety thresholds,
  • live kW consumption and generation data for each site and meter point,
  • performance reports and earnings statements for each asset in demand response programs,
  • updates of Availability Calendar to change the demand response availability of individual assets.

Technologies used:


HTML 5/CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap


C/C++/Bash/Sockets, Java 8, Spring Boot, Microservices, Eureka, PHP 5, Yii, Websockets, MySQL/MongoDB/Redshift/InfluxDB, Ansible/Chef

Other tools used in the project:

Email scraping, Twilio SMS Gate, National Grid API, EWZ API, Engine API

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