Electriq Power - Energy Management Grid Platform for the Smart Battery Home System

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02/2019 – ONGOING

About Electriq Power

Electriq Power is a developer of intelligent and integrated home energy storage, management, and monitoring solutions with the signature product – PowerPod smart battery system. Electriq Power’s home battery systems can be found in customers’ homes and small businesses all over the world.

Business needs

  • Providing detailed insights about power usage to the energy storage system end-users

  • Separating data of battery power production and consumption from grid consumption data in order to deliver insights about clean and grid energy usage

  • Delivering a reliable, scalable platform for overall monitoring and control of energy production


The role of Codibly was to develop of energy management platform with IoT integration, 3rd party external fleet management application, as well as backend for web and mobile apps and customer portal for tracking energy usage and storage.

Codibly team designed, developed, and implemented the high-performance management platform, which serves as a comprehensive tool for energy production, monitoring, and control of the Electriq PowerPod system.

Main features:

  • Customer Portal: Web application for homeowners

  • PowerHub: Custom smart meter that is a center of the PowerPod system

  • Qopper Integration: integration with the Qopper platform responsible for fleet monitoring

  • Inverter Integration Gateway: enables communication between the smart battery system and the grid

  • Smart Battery Platform: integration with smart batteries


“Data analytics and intelligent controls are essential to optimizing advanced energy storage systems, and Codibly helps add this value to our PowerPod system”

Aric Saunders

EVP, Sales and Marketing for Electriq Power


Modification of battery mode behavior – increased efficiency by implementing mechanisms that save battery energy
Possibility of reducing costs of energy usage by using battery power during high tariff period
Energy usage optimization/forecasting due to user portal with historical and live data
Smart battery system enabling more efficient control of energy production, storage and usage
Providing a reliable source of energy during unplanned power outages

Green impact

Clean back-up: the platform prioritizes keeping batteries charged and ready for grid interruption, using only solar power
Rate arbitrage: prioritizes the use of battery and renewable sources to run the loads
The platform sets priorities to use sustainable energy as a default energy source

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