ElectrIQ Power - Energy management Grid Platform for smart home battery system

Energy & Utility

Industry Vertical

Renewables, Storage Battery Systems


February – June 2019

Business Overview

ElectrIQ Power is a battery systems provider from the CleanTech industry located in the United States. Innovative and modern-thinking, the company constantly searches for ways to improve their products and increase efficiency.

The core product is a fully-integrated smart home battery. The system used for storing, managing, and monitoring energy enables end-users to have total control of energy use, thus save their money in an environmentally friendly way.


Codibly has acted as a technology partner for ElectrIQ Power. We designed, developed, and implemented the high-performance platform which serves as a comprehensive tool for energy production, monitoring, and control of ElectrIQ’s smart home battery system.

At the same time, the platform serves as a portal aggregating historical and up-to-date data presented to the end-users in an accessible way.

As a result, we delivered a solution which not only extended capabilities of the ElectrIQ Power smart battery system but also enabled more efficient control of energy production, storage, and usage.


  • Extending capabilities of the customer-facing platform in displaying detailed information concerning energy and power usage broken down by battery power production and consumption and grid consumption

  • Delivering a reliable, scalable platform to monitor and control energy production, presenting high performance and preventing data loss in case of temporary internet outages


We faced the Client’s challenges methodically. Our team has created a new architecture and developed a platform based on four crucial components:

  • microservices (responsible for various areas of application activity),

  • Google Cloud with its IoT register (premade system enabling communication between numerous devices and the application),

  • Cloud queues (queueing system),

  • and high-performing Influx DB for the storage of the telemetry (database type optimal for storing data category used by ElectrIQ).

The second step was to build two-way communication with the smart meter which allows to drive the inverter behavior. This also enabled to secure the data from loss in case of any issues with the main channel, due to reading it directly from DER module responsible for collecting data from the inverter.

In addition, we created a proof of concept for the use of Open ADR protocol that enables communication of 3rd party systems with our platform.

Technologies used:


HTML 5/CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap


C/C++/Bash/Sockets, Java 8, Spring Boot, Microservices, Eureka, PHP, Yii, Websockets, MySQL/MongoDB/Redshift/InfluxDB, Ansible/Chef

Other tools used in the project:

Email scraping, Twilio SMS Gate, Integration with the National Grid API, Integration with the EWZ API, Integration with the Engie API


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