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Energy storage management 2.0 – Codibly’s white paper dedicated to complex battery arrays

Transition to the model of using sustainable energy requires a number of changes within the global energy market. Now, the question is not how to collect clean energy, since every year brings some novelties in hardware and technology responsible for that part of energy management. The question is more about how to store energy to maximize the effectiveness of the whole generation/usage process. We described one of our concepts on effective energy storage in the latest white paper – Complex Battery Array Case Study – Energy Manager & Cloud.

“In this White Paper, I would like to show how to build infrastructure and connect complex Battery Arrays with the grid and create comprehensive management and maintenance solution, allowing high SLA and reliability” – says Mariusz Kraj, Chief Innovation Officer and the author of the concept presented int he white paper.

The document includes two parts: the first one dedicated to the idea of creating a self-reliant battery array that can be easily extended by adding next battery components. The second part explains the concept of building a centralized monitoring platform acting as a DR aggregator (Virtual Power Plant).

A full version of the white paper is available to download here >>>



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