Digital Transformation

Improving all aspects of industries, making processes across the globe more efficient
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Digital Transformation

Improving all aspects of industries

Digital technologies are improving all aspects of industries. Continuing advances are making systems across the globe more efficient, reliable, sustainable, intelligent and connected.

At Codibly, we pride ourselves on helping companies and businesses to benefit from industry digitalization. With over 8 years’ experience in Energy and Utilities, we have worked with a wide variety of clients, helping them to save money and increase productivity through our bespoke and tailored digitalization solutions.

Operations Management Platforms

We build solutions with a comprehensive an approach to management information and processes, delivered on a single cloud product:

  • tools, processes, and technology that delivers the capabilities to enable remote management services and assets on a customer’s environment;
  • solutions that support a wide variety of devices, applications and operating systems (platform agnostic),
  • frameworks that will help you connect millions of assets to a generic platform that can be customized to meet your bespoke needs.

Monitoring tools

We are building application-level performance monitoring capabilities solutions for just about any industry, and our dedicated teams are discovering more applications all the time. Systems we build collect multiple metrics from a variety of sources in real-time, monitor them and explore a multitude of reporting options that enables you to make a depth look at your data.

Big-data and Analytics

We build Big Data and Analytic platforms – management tools that from connecting to massive amounts of raw big data all the way to delivering actionable business value from sophisticated analytics.

Integrating with Hadoop, Spark and Apache Drill with real-time database capabilities give us the ability to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful information from wide variety of data sets.

Collect, integrate, sort and distribute more data in less time, with fewer resources and lower costs.

Business Intelligence

We develop/ integrate/ customize BI solutions – from custom implementations to products like Qlik, Tableau, SAS, Power BI and more.

Let us transform your data into actionable intelligence dashboard that inform an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions, analyze data sets and present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs and useful charts.

Intuitive and user-friendly solutions, enabling a large number of users across a variety of organizational domains to access specific information.

Predictive Analytics

From data mining, statistic, modeling, machine learning and AI – we build tools to analyze current data to make suggestions about the future.

We identify the likelihood of future outcomes by capturing relationships among many factors to assess risk with a particular set of conditions.

We help you to achieve faster, more accurate business outcomes, become proactive, a forward-looking enterprise that anticipates outcomes and behaviors based on data and not on assumptions.

Platform Integrations & Connectivity Solutions

We deliver integration and connectivity solutions to provide access to data, applications, and information — regardless of platform, device, data formats or deployment model.

Connect All Your Cloud and On-Premise Data, Applications, and Systems to dozens of SaaS applications, data services, databases, and systems, including CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems.

We build a scalable deployment process that fits your unique needs and can reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Industrial IoT

The true impact of IoT is finding meaningful business context for your industrial data, and delivering actionable information for the business giving essential context to end users and advanced.

Industrial IoT implementation consists of the hardware used for data acquisition, the data itself, the software used to, and finally the

Connect sensors and advanced analytics to predict parts need maintenance, reducing unplanned downtime that cuts into operations time.

Business Process Automation 

Well-designed business process automation (BPA) solution can transform a series of slow and error-prone manual tasks into an efficient digital workflow that is

Being digital, the process is easier to monitor, measure and adapt as business needs

We build streamlined apps to automatically move information, documents and data between people, systems and machines – enterprise-ready systems that can be scaled to automate processes across your global operations – connecting people, systems, and devices in real-time; and, supporting third-party data connectors.