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Company news & events

Timo Wiander has become Principal Advisor of Codiby for Nordics countries

Mr. Timo Wiander, an expert with many years of experience in different security standards and information security manag...

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Insurtech Dialogue expands strategic technology partnership with Codibly

Independent CPRI platform Dialogue and technology specialist Codibly on a mission to support a fully digitised commercia...

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Jay Schwerman joins Codibly as Managing Director of Codibly Americas

With over 45% of the company’s revenue coming from the U.S. clients, Codibly decided to expand its structures and start ...

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Codibly recognized by Clutch as amongst the Top Developers in Poland in 2020

We just got some exciting news here at Codibly! Our team just received a message from Clutch analyst Austin Ellis inform...

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Perks and benefits in Codibly

What makes life in Codibly easy, nice, and enjoyable? Our perks and benefits! Check what you can count on after joining ...

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Company news & events

Codibly gets ready for IEEE 2030.5 certification for California Rule 21

To make good software, one has to keep up with the latest trends and technology standards. That’s the reason behin...

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Codibly Lab – business driven by innovation

Whether a company needs consulting services, wants to build a PoC, or introduce AI or Machine Learning to the business, ...

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Verify Energy Inc starts collaboration with Codibly and The Boost Group

Verify Energy Inc, a bay area solar energy company, has chosen Codibly and The Boost Group to help create their first en...

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Codibly will support Danish company in developing EV2Grid solutions and smart home systems

Electric Vehicle market is one of the fastest-growing parts of the energy and utilities industry. With its dynamics, EV ...

Company news & events

Recruitment process in Codibly

Even though the times are hard, we’re still working on doubling the Codibly Team. Let us show you how we do it. Ou...