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Solar technology conquers the energy market

The demand for clean energy is skyrocketing and will continue to grow in the following years. The world is searching for...

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Insurtech Dialogue expands strategic technology partnership with Codibly

Independent CPRI platform Dialogue and technology specialist Codibly on a mission to support a fully digitised commercia...

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How digital technology drives reaching the sustainable development goals

When climate change doesn’t come off the news headlines, sustainability drags more attention than ever. Governments and ...

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Energy storage management 2.0 – Codibly’s white paper dedicated to complex battery arrays

Transition to the model of using sustainable energy requires a number of changes within the global energy market. Now, t...

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Role of software in the energy transition

Each year, the energy sector becomes more dependent on the newest technological achievements. In fact, it’s transforming...


A short story of how we helped WorkBuzz develop a platform that allows building the world’s best workplaces – Interview with Steven Frost, CEO of WorkBuzz

The history of WorkBuzz and Codibly cooperation began in 2016. WorkBuzz, UK based consulting company that helps business...

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Covid-19, climate change and the power of data

In just a few weeks, humanity has made a rapid jump from dialogue about climate change to there being no other than Covi...

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Verify Energy Inc starts collaboration with Codibly and The Boost Group

Verify Energy Inc, a bay area solar energy company, has chosen Codibly and The Boost Group to help create their first en...

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The needs of the German energy market – interview with Marius Ratzmer, CEO of Enerhym

Codibly asked Enerhym, German energy consultancy and company business partner, about the needs of the German energy and ...

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WNP award for Polish software houses during European Economic Congress

Codibly’s CEO and the President of SoDA – Software Development Association Poland, Bartosz Majewski and SoDA...