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A reliable expertise

It’s the combination of highly specialized knowledge, nearly a decade of experience in Energy & Utilities projects, and exquisite talents onboard that make us a team of experts in technology solutions and consulting.

In the technology-driven world, a comprehensive and trustworthy IT asset gives you the advantage of being ahead of your competition. We concentrate on delivering end-to-end solutions that merge cutting-edge technology with digital sustainability elements, giving you a green technology toolset that places your business among the makers of tomorrow.

Our team offers you reliable experts for external projects, especially from the Energy & Utilities industry. What we provide, as a result, is business efficiency based on technology optimization and improvements, streamlining IT infrastructure, process flows, reducing costs, time, and risks. IT transformation is a natural evolution of your business, not a difficult challenge when you have the right people to support you.


IT quality within reach

Increasing market demands and technological progress impose on companies search for more competitory models of service delivery, IT services in particular. So why not to have an IT partner from the country right next to yours?

Poland, located in the heart of Central Europe, is one of the leaders in nearshoring IT outsourcing. Nearshoring is a cooperation model in which the service provider is located in the country neighboring to the hiring company. This proximity allows operating most effectively and ensures cultural alignment. 

In Codibly, we provide competitiveness of costs with the best-of-class skills and quality, along with a flexible and individual approach to your needs. As relations with our clients are the most appreciated values for us, we care for providing not only good quality os service but also effortless communication and a nice ambiance.

TAAS - Team as a Service

Agile solution development with minimum effort

The increasing need for highly skilled IT specialists with documented experience and knowledge decreases the chance of finding a suitable candidate. We answer this market need with the expertise of our people.

Whether it comes to the web, app or custom software development, technology consulting, AI or advanced data analytics, we always bet on the end-to-end solution that fully covers your needs, and drives your innovation. 

Our team supports you in backend and frontend development, UX/UI design, Quality Assurance, and experienced project management. As we care for our performance and your satisfaction, we work accordingly to the agile mindset, which provides you real-time insights and frequent updates regarding the project progress.

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