The Benefits of workshops

Analyze first to find the best solution

Knowing where your business should be in the next few years is one thing. But the very start of that road is knowing where your company is at the moment and what you have NOW. Your business needs and objectives, capabilities, blockers, and obstacles. 

Creating a product that truly meets your business and technological expectations requires the knowledge of those details. We have to know where your company is now to get it where you want it to be. We achieve that by delivering a perfectly matched solution that will help you grow and transform in a sustainable way. 

And this is what we do during various kinds of workshops – getting to know your current business to let it transform into future one. 

How exactly we do it?

  • Understanding your business goals

    This is the most important step – understanding what should be the project result for your business and what asset is currently available. To craft the solution proposal, we perform code analysis, prepare application requirements list, and elaborate business needs during 2-days long workshops.

  • Creating a solution plan and building a team

    The second part of the workshops introduces you to the SCRUM methodology of agile software development, meaning the way we will develop your solution. This system keeps you updated throughout the whole process and allows you to track development progress in short sprints. We also build a best-in-class team with excellent technical knowledge, skills, and needed experience that understands your goals and can advise you appropriately.

  • Scheduling and pricing

    Before we start working, the project manager delivers all the necessary information about the offered solution, including backlog – detailed documentation of the application requirements, solution description, working schedule, and pricing, all established during the workshops. You are equipped with a transparent development process summary and all the details needed for decision-making.

Product / Discovery Workshops

Well-thought solutions empower your business

Actions based on verified and confirmed assumptions are the fastest way of achieving business goals. The analysis of the objectives for both product and business, evaluation of risks and weak points, and identification of data needed within the process are necessary steps we take before launching project development. 

All the action flows concerning issues the new solution is to solve, are deeply scrutinized with specific agile technics, such as story mapping, event storming, user flow creating, and business process modeling notation. 

But the core element of the partnership is the team. A Project Owner on the company side who knows the needs and understands the goals, is as much essential for the cooperation, as an experienced Project Manager who will conduct the workshops. Our PM will take good care of building the development team tailored to your needs (frontend, backend, blockchain, mobile development, UX/UI design, system architecture) and provide you with a transparent development process model along with time and cost estimation. The result will be a cutting-edge technology solution.

AI / Data Science Workshops

New technologies investment

Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics are the essence of new technologies that run our world. Very often they constitute the market advantage if used in a fine-tuned way to the business objectives. Identifying the business areas that AI can contribute to and verifying the ideas for AI implementation – this is our job during AI / Data Science workshops. 

Several things have to be established for successful AI implementation. The fundamental one is the main business goal you want to achieve and how AI can answer that need with maximum profit for everyday work and more accurate decision-making.

Apart from the goal, the current data asset is essential since that will be the fuel for the whole mechanism. The data you have will help collect more information and find existing patterns or prepare future predictions for better business decisions. During the workshops, we will help you to work out the optimal way of activating hidden opportunities with maximizing the profit for your business.

Technology Due Diligence

Technology potential assessment

As technology became a strategic business component that drives company development, entrepreneurs seek for its reliability and reaching its maximum potential. Many business blockers have their origins in an unoptimized technological asset, so the evolution and innovation are to start in technology assessment to reveal the areas that need improvements.

Our expertise in software development and technology consulting allows us to identify those areas in your company and create a solution to maximize the value of technological assets.

During the Technology Due Diligence, our experts analyze current technology in use, core technological processes, product architecture, and the code, including their condition, performance, reliability, scalability, level of maintenance and other crucial technical aspects. Based on that, we prepare a detailed report of the current technological condition and a solution draft that help you harness the ultimate technology potential for better and sustainable business innovation.

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