What we change

Change needs to come from
the people, for the people

Every big change starts with a small step, although it requires courage to take it and actively participate in the green knowledge society.

Our goal is to help organizations to take up the challenge by delivering renewable solutions that empower both businesses and our planet. We offer industry expertise to harness data, new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science and combine it with people’s talent backed by years of experience. This combination transforms hidden opportunities into business wins, provides a tangible, positive impact on the environment, and implements digital sustainability as a part of business strategy.


Efficiency is the key

We consider technology to be a true sustainability enabler when used wisely, and this approach we’re trying to implement in our customers’ organizations. By bringing together innovation and technology, we create solutions that boost efficiency on many levels to make processes, products, and services smart.

From smart devices, smart home and building management, to smart grids, consumption technologies and renewables, we cover a vast area of opportunities where efficiency can cut costs, time, manual work, simplify and secure life, increase flexibility in embracing digitalization, all this with a great value for the environment.

Agile - the way to the enterprise of tomorrow

Sustainable Business

More flexible, more sustainable business

The digitalized world requires fast adaptation capacity to the ever-changing business environment, as companies face multiple challenges.

That imposes changes in business management models and forces keeping up with the newest trends such as technology progress and sustainability solutions. And this is exactly what we support companies in – merging their elaborated approach with technical innovations in an agile way and developing a flexible approach that places them among true digital sustainability leaders. Our end-to-end solutions boost your flexibility, using automation as a basis, instead of manual actions. That improves custom execution of energy demand, shortens processes realization, optimizes monitoring and control of various flows and enables predicting internal and external patterns usable in better decision-making.


Smart solutions for end-users

We believe that even complex and advanced products should be simple in use. That involves clear and understandable communication between a product and the end-user, as well as its high accessibility.

Keeping that in mind, we use the Internet of things (IoT) capabilities to deliver intelligent solutions based on real-time connectivity. Empowering flexibility of demand response programs, strengthening usability of operation management platforms, automating energy and battery management systems – this is our daily basis. We never settle for ‘good enough’ when there’s some room for improvement, as we want to support our clients’ participation in green (r)evolution, taking care of productive and healthy relationships with ours and their customers.

These long-term relations result in true innovations. In one of them, we helped to enable trading batteries in the UK Balancing Mechanism market by bringing technology to commercialize Europe’s largest battery storage project. This project outcome was increased the efficiency of demand response programs for end-users. After all, little changes start bigger ones.


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