Empower your accuracy with advanced analytics

  • AI & Machine Learning

    Being a universal technology, AI uses a set of Machine Learning technics that enables learning and adapting through data and, as a result, extending the range of new opportunities for every industry possible. Extend your knowledge about customers, optimize and automate your processes, identify potential demands and risks to strengthen your sustainable growth.

  • Predictive Analytics

    With an increasing number of data collected every day, how much of it works for your company benefit? You can reach its full potential, and this is where innovation and technology help you unlock it. Capture the relationships among particular factor sets, predict future patterns, and name potential opportunities, transforming vague plans and guessing into solid predictions substantiated by data using predictive analytics.

  • Time Series Analysis

    Looking for the best solutions, you should consider time as a valuable data type capable of changing future perspectives significantly. Terabytes of data collected every day are connected with time factors in most cases. Time series analysis provides helpful insights for the past and accurate forecasting for the future based on references and correlations between collected data, supporting your business model evolution.

  • Data & Tech Mining

    As data volumes grow bigger every year, the technics enabling complex analysis evolve along. Aiming precisely for market needs requires detailed data about its elements, starting with customers, their behavior, expectations, competition assets, finally about your blockers within the company. Data mining technics extract needed information and build a net of references with other data, providing you with a deep insight for future decisions.

Computer Science

Reliable Infrastructure

  • Cloud Computing

    Although Cloud Computing isn’t a new service and its origin dates back to the 1950s, “the cloud” is getting more popular, as it offers the flexibility of resources, faster way od deploying innovation and cost-effectiveness in a pay-for-use model along with a growing number of features. Focus on building groundbreaking solutions instead of devoting time for managing infrastructure and data centers.

  • Distributed Systems

    In the technology-driven world, a reliable, easy to adapt and upgrade system is a crucial asset. Regardless of a local or global network that connects system components, distributed systems offer great fault tolerance, if one of the elements fails the whole system sustains its work. That allows you to take full business advantage of its reliability, use its flexibility in scaling and grow the system structure along with the growing needs of your company.

  • Technology Infrastructure

    End-to-end solutions based on high-quality technology infrastructure are our specialty. We design intelligent and reliable software that meets your business expectations and provides end-users with the best possible experience. Empower your business with high-tech digital sustainability.

Change drives innovation

Data Management

Decision-making built on data

  • Big Data

    When it comes to Big Data, it’s not the volume that matters the most. It’s harnessing data potential – extracting the essential part and forging it into business leverage for increasing demands of markets. Improve your strategic asset, using high-powered analytics for optimization, cost and time reductions and better business decisions based on Big Data.

  • Business Intelligence

    Building an accurate business strategy isn’t an easy task. There are many “how-to’s” along the way. Business Intelligence enables you to find all the answers to your questions, helping to empower your business by identifying strategic business opportunities hidden in your data. Find your best decision-making drivers substantiated with deep insights and robust reports.

  • Data Warehousing

    The data world requires good managing and usable, precise filtering to find the needed information. While various sources provide diversified data standards, Data Warehousing arranges them into a structured database, easy to navigate, report, and extract insights for the further development process. Boost your Business Intelligence solutions and increase the accuracy of future business decisions.

Data Visualization

Great esthetics combined with robust functionality

  • Design

    We’re living in the era of visual culture where almost everything is pictured. The same applies to data. Instead of thousands of rows and columns filled with numbers, we organize data in graphic forms to make it more understandable and, therefore, more usable. Well-designed data visual design highlights the trends and outliers, helps to track the achievement of defined goals and compares the performance of diverse factors essential for decision-making. Discover deep data exploration with perfect visual design.

  • User Experience

    Creating an engaging product doesn’t end on its features and high performance. It also requires a deep understanding of the emotional level of the audience, to develop a product that brings positive reactions. We use our expertise in User Experience to achieve that goal and deliver a utile, easy in use and meaningful design that meets user’s expectations and needs. Design users’ positive emotions for your products.

  • Wireframes & Mockups

    Usability and high-level visual design need a strong basis in the lucid architecture of the product that combines these two factors into one easily operational application. It’s a lot easier to build simple to navigate and intuitive product when its structure is well-thought-out. To achieve that, we prepare wireframes and mockups that enable architecture and layout verification on the early stage of the project and provides time for quick project adjustments before actual development starts. Deliver products tailored for the end-users.


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