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What does Codibly stand for? It’s our values that make us who we are.
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Bartosz Majewski

As CEO and founder of Codibly, Bart combines his enthusiasm for new technologies with his entrepreneurial approach. He spent the first part of his career working for international clients, which helped him refine his ideas for the type of business he wanted to found.

The result was Codibly: a full stack consulting and software development company that brings together talent, experience, and innovation to create technology that delivers results.

Bart loves exploring the latest technology and finding ways to apply it to make our lives easier or just more fun.

When he’s not thinking about the business, he’s away traveling with his family, looking for some off-road muddy adventures in the mountains or deep sea diving.


Adding value to the business through talent and technology

Codibly excels at building user-focused software that solves problems and adds value to businesses. As a full stack consulting and software development company, Codibly has proven expertise in creating technology in areas such as the financial sector, energy, utilities, human resources, NGOs, consulting and more.

We’re able to offer consultancy and software development services to advise clients how to achieve the best outcome for their projects. Clients benefit from our insights into managing successful projects at any scale, as well as our technical expertise. We’re passionate about the technology we work with and our key skill is putting communication at the heart of what we do.


A powerful team

Our teammates each bring their own skills and unique personalities into Codibly. Together we create a stimulating and friendly environment where innovative work gets done each day.

We are smart people who are intellectually curious and ambitious for the results they achieve. Working at Codibly isn’t just about having a passion for tech, it’s also about problem-solving and finding new ways to apply it. We take great pride in what we do and we aim to create a supportive environment where they can reach new heights of excellence in software.


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