How Community Choice Aggregation Fits Clean Energy Future

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How Community Choice Aggregation Fits Clean Energy Future

CCAs are pushing ahead of California utilities’ renewable energy goals—and facing challenges in sharing the burden with investor-owned utilities.

This month, California enacted one of the most ambitious clean energy goals in the country: getting 100 % of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2045. California’s community choice aggregation (CCA) providers say they’re ready to hit that milestone — and on an accelerated schedule.

In a Tuesday forum in San Francisco, CCA advocates laid out how these city- and county-based entities, which have grown to include millions of customers formerly served by the state’s investor-owned utilities, are pushing ahead of the renewable energy and carbon reduction goals set out in California’s just-passed SB 100.

They also highlighted how several policies under review by state regulators could stymie the growth of CCAs, including rules that govern how investor-owned utilities are compensated for customers taken over by CCAs, and how the two parties share responsibility for procuring the energy resources needed to keep the grid stable.

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